I think we agree that in some circumstances people do care about environment and nations will take joint action to save it. The author of the original post alleged people do not care due to some psychological mumbo-jumbo. I gave examples where they did act.

You are misusing the term pollutant. CO2 is not a pollutant. A pollutant is by definition something that is toxic at small quantities. CO2 is a natural substance. Our green leafy friends breath it.

What is so important that you insist on disrupting the lifestyles of everyone on earth? How can you really hope to…

There is a lot of Trump nostalgia going around.

Why, it was but ten months ago that gas was over a buck cheaper at the pump, thanks to Orange Bad Man. That was when we didn’t have much inflation. Now we have record number of job vacancies, and labor costs are rising like crazy. Not to mention there are now supply shortages of all kinds of things.

Crime was a hell of a lot lower under Trump, but Democrats defunded the police and enacted a laundry list of coddle-the-criminal measures.

Back in the days of Trump, illegal immigration across the…

Do The Covid Vaccines Work?

When the Covid vaccines started coming out, I did everything I could to get a shot as soon as possible. I am high risk. So getting a dose of the vaccine seemed a better alternative than taking a chance of doing nothing and possibly coming down with the disease.

After I got my second shot, two weeks went by and I suddenly said “why do I need to wear a mask?” Soon I began interacting with people, ending a year long isolation. I felt incredible relief. I had survived!

Now the latest news has me…

This is factually incorrect. The Italian Fascists had taken Ethiopia years before. There was fierce fighting in North Africa as the Axis sought to take the Suez Canal and cut the British supply lines. The British defeated the Italians, but the Germans sent Rommel and his Afrika Corps. All this fighting in Africa before America entered the war.

It is also bizarre and ahistorical to think the US would not have declared war on Germany. How many US ships delivering supplies to the UK would have had to have been sunk by Nazi u-boats before FDR had the direct provocation he felt he needed to ask Congress to delcare war?

I think you missed the point. The major question is whether it is Constitutional to impeach and try an Executive Branch officer who has already left office. The only precedent for such a late impeachment is the Belknap precedent. But history suggests the willingness to carry on the trial of Belknap in 1876 after he resigned was political and not a considered judgement of constitutionality At least as regards the Democrats from Southern and Border states, the case is clear that they kept it going for political advantage. They kept the Belknap scandal in the spotlight as a way to…

Perhaps China could release lists of all personnel at WIV and their sickness and hospitalization records for 2019 and 2020. Perhaps China could release biological samples from everyone who died from respiratory infection in Wuhan in late 2019. If we find Patient 0 worked at WIV, it would be case closed. But China is not allowing world researchers to do a thorough investigation. The observations of one person, however, well meaning and knowledgeable, are no substitute for complete statistics, transparency, and an objective investigation.

You have to remember that Joe ran as a unifying figure pledged to bipartisanship. As you note, he was the candidate the corporate establishment decided to back in order to sideline the socialist. Now you are amazed he won't push the full far-Left Agenda with the energy of a Donald Trump? In fact Biden has been able to implement much of the Progressive Left agenda on immigration, on climate change, on critical race theory racism, on energy, and on foreign relations. He has even been successful in pushing through an extra $2trillion of free money and pork using Reconciliation.


You seem to be missing the distinction so I will go over it again. Hamas fires missiles at civilians and promotes attacks intended to kill designed non-combatants. That is terrorism and it is a war crime. Hamas fires those missiles from school yards and commercial buildings. It builds terror tunnels and not bomb shelters. It uses its own civilian population as human shields, another war crime.

In contrast the US and Israel attack military targets and use smart munitions in an attempt to minimize civilian casualties. Israel goes above and beyond the rules of war by sending texts and warning…

Please just list the top 3 and then include the link as support. I've found that most of the people who say Trump is guilty of crimes can't name a single criminal offense he supposedly committed.

Actually the Constitution does authorize each chamber of Congress to adopt its own rules of procedure.

Read Article 1 Section 5:

Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings

The cloture rule is a rule of procedure (Rule 22) of the Senate. This destroys your point 2 that the Constitution does not authorize the filibuster.

Your point 3, about democracy operating on a 50% rule, may be accurate, but what you are missing is that the Framers deliberately rejected pure Democracy in favor of a Representative Constitutional Republic. Pure democracies in their view informed by history were unstable and…

Caleb Mars

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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