A complete whitewash on both counts. You’re trying hard to portray these Progressive Left factions as misunderstood gentle kind souls deliberately miscast by right wing media as violent intolerant and repressive. It’s really the other way around. The MSM functions as the propaganda machine churning out apologies and smoothing the rough edges. Enough of the truth gets through that it acts to discredit the MSM.

BLM is a classic Left Wing Popular Front. The tactic is to use shootings of Blacks to make the larger point that America is a racist, corrupt, and violent country. Its leaders care little about specific policies aimed at reducing police shootings of unarmed non- belligerent perpetrators. They resent police of any color. They have attracted a fair number of extreme racists, some violent. They condoned the Baltimore riots and the Dallas police murders. It is a real coverup on your part to paint them as a group of moderates pushing for racial justice with sensible middle- of- the- road measures everyone could support. https://www.aim.org/special-report/black-lives-matter-beyond-the-riots/

The Antifa and Radical Left movements on campus are not innocently throwing garden parties as you argue, but in fact are overtly trying to deplatform anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton. They have rioted in Berkeley in Washington State, and Middlebury Vermont. They have forced invitations to be withdrawn. They are unabashed opponents of free speech.

Instead of blaming the reaction of people in the center to the clumsy manipulations of right wing media, you need to wake up to the facts. Instead of being in denial, you need to own the truth that some of your favorite Progressive movements have violent and repressive tendencies. You can’t cover it up.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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