A part of it all comes down to assumptions about how other people will behave and how to respond to their behavior. One side thinks it is cruel to force others to wait their proper place in line if they can come up with a heartfelt rationale why they deserve to cut. The other feels this inevitably leads to a victimology competition that empowers malevolent actors and hypocrites. One side sees victims who should be allowed to cheat the system because of their suffering. Others see loopholes and lax enforcement as a system that facilitates sex traffickers, drug cartels, gun runners, and gangs. One side worries about what happens if other people start to cheat and steal and how things will devolve if there is no authority around to keep order. It views as naive the idea that violations can be tolerated without the social fabric tearing apart. If more than a few people cut in line, the line collapses and becomes a mob. One side sees the ugly aspect of reality as the incarceration of people trying to flee their native lands for a better life here. The other sees a threat to the foundations of American values from an influx of illegal immigrants who appear to disdain assimilating into American culture.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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