A part of understanding America is its uniqueness as the only country where your citizenship and sense of belonging is not based on your race, tribe, religion or ethnicity. The promise of individual liberty includes escape from rigid categories and castes, where you will succeed or fail on your own merits, where everyone has a right to be treated fairly and where you have the right to be left alone and to speak your mind. The history of America is the story of the struggle to make the American dream a reality.

The Civil War ended slavery and established equality under law as a principle. It took 100 years for the Civil Rights movement to end legally enforced segregation. The Suffragette movement struggled for fifty years to finally got women the vote. Immigrants from many countries came and prospered and contributed to the country and made it stronger. They did not try to impose their culture on the country they kept their own ways while adopting and adapting to existing American culture.

The economic system with the mix of free enterprise and government regulation has led to America becoming the richest and most innovative large country around. The pie has gotten a lot bigger and the standard of living has risen dramatically.

The people who assert a third of the country is racist are really ignorant. They never saw racism first hand with “white" and N-word race designation signs above drinking fountains, or segregated lunch counters, or Negro League baseball, or segregated schools. They take it for granted that everyone has the right to vote. But all that came about from struggle towards the American Dream.

There are racists, but they are few and far between in the larger culture of America. Certainly not 3%, much less a third. The true racists are a tiny fringe.

Blacks have made a lot of progress. The Black Middle class is growing rapidly and doing quite well economically. There are many Black politicians. How do explain their election, how do you explain the election of Barak Obama twice if you say the country is overrun with racists.

White privilege is typically an upper class complaint about snobby treatment from a waiter at an upscale restaurant. It is a badge of bullshit worn by those who were too young to have actually fought for Civil rights when it mattered. Their Affirmative Action isn’t enough after 50 years: only reparations will do. To prove purity they want to reimpose segregation that their grandparents fought so hard to destroy.

You can’t undo the progress. Blacks are as much a part of the American Dream as anybody else. Go down any major street, watch TV and flick through the channels. Look at the latest stats: Black income the highest ever, Black unemployment rate the lowest ever. No we are not in utopia- there’s plenty of problems and at least a gaggle of haters. But what’s undeniable is that tremendous progress has been made.

Attempts are made to latch on to every mistake made by cops in law enforcement as evidence of systematic bias, when the record shows them to be anything but. Sometimes cops are threatened and end up shooting the assailant: totally legit. Others panic and shoot in error but without racial bias. Then there are those too quick on the trigger who do act out of bias. The system has generally, but not always, arrested, tried, and convicted them. Each unnecessary police killing is one too many and mistakes are made where Black police officers kill unarmed Black civilians, where a Black police officer shot an unarmed white yoga Instructor who was in pajamas, and lots of White on White, Hispanic on Black, and vice versa and every other combo. What has not been shown is any systemic racial bias in the shootings or the administration of justice afterwards. What has been shown is that police need better training and better after incident protocols. However even in this area great progress has been made through the deployment of helmet and dashboard cams. Amazingly lots of the extreme agitators are not happy about this. As police shootings decline, they lose their cause celebre for agitating.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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