According to Trump himself, he is not a racist.

Also he has rejected the label of white nationalist. He says he is simply a nationalist. He says he is for America first and that he opposes globalists.

The charge of racism gets thrown around a lot. Why just two weeks ago the Squad was charging Nancy Pelosi with racism and Donald Trump was defending her.

What animates Trump and his supporters from all races is the perception that the interests of foreign nationals and illegal immigrants come before their own, that trade deals were made to help foreign elites, that the safety, security and well-being of most Americans of any race do not count in the hierarchy of political correctness.

It is not racist to want immigration laws enforced. It is not racist to oppose free healthcare for illegal aliens. It is not racist to speak out against those who insult our flag. It is not racist to object to race-based reparations and divisive identity politics.

Trump’s policies have benefitted Black Americans. Income is up, wages are up, and unemployment is down to the lowest it’s ever been. The Black Middle Class is expanding. Trump was on board with criminal justice reform. He is trying to use diplomatic influence to help A$AP Rocky. He is very comfortable interacting with many different Black Americans.

For the sake of argument I agree that his mode of expression is too often crude, insulting. incoherent, or otherwise objectionable. But that does not mean he is guilty of bogus charges of racism. It’s just not true.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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