Actually, you have it backward. The mainstream media outlets have become so hostile to Trump, they have lost all pretense of objectivity. They have tossed aside journalistic standards and discredited themselves. Every few weeks they shamelessly hype another anti-Trump bombshell and crow that this at long last will lead to Trump’s demise, but each one is soon revealed as much less than advertised if not an actual piece of false news.

No, even Mueller says the Buzzfeed story is inaccurate. Sorry, the email from Wikileaks was dated 9/14 not 9/4. The caravan of mostly women and children which is 800 miles away and won’t be near the US border for weeks just made it here and its mostly young men. Yes NYT it wasn’t 17 intelligence agencies, it was 3. No, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about contacts with Russia not during the election, but after it. Sorry, the FISA court warrant to wiretap Trump’s campaign was not on the up-and- up. It deliberately hoodwinked the judges. It did rely on a dossier that came from Russia and was paid partisan opposition research. The media can’t seem to stop itself from attacking Trump with lie after lie. The mainstream media has tossed away its credibility to become a partisan propaganda machine. It has let its political mission cloud its supposed journalistic committment to truth. The same people who sold you on WMD in Iraq have an even more abysmal record during the Trump administration. The American Indian Elder and Vietnam War veteran surrounded by MAGA- hat-wearing teens was a frequent political demonstrator who never was in Vietnam and who was the one who approached the students.

The solution is not to stop covering Trump, not to embed everything he says and does in a bucket of biased nit-picky fact-checking, but to get back to straight honest reporting and to try doing some real truthful investigative journalism. Politicians have lied before: we know that.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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