All blame goes to the Chinese government which allowed travelers from Wuhan to go infect the world and cause the pandemic. The Chinese government attacked President Trump’s travel restrictions and the WHO parroted the line. Major Democrat party politicians chimed in and insisted everyone was safe and went ahead with large crowd festivals. They did little to protect the vulnerable.

The disease is relatively lethal to the elderly, but not the young and healthy. New York made a horrible mistake by insisting senior centers take back Covid-19 patients. The state should have quarantined the senior centers early on. New Jersey ignored the threat to seniors too. The inaction by those states alone killed thousands. The leaders in those states deserve a good part of the blame.

However, to be fair, they didn’t know back then. It’s easy to look back and blame others for mistakes. But what did the critics say at the time? It turns out they were more mistaken than Trump.

The strategy of quarantining everybody instead of focusing on the vulnerable is the big- picture mistake. Sweden tried a different approach. It did not implement a general shutdown. Its death rate is not as high as Germany, Italy, or the UK.

The mass shutdowns were sold in the US as a way to flatten the curve. The curve has been flattened. Trump sent the hospital ship to NYC. Now it is returning, no longer needed, after seeing few patients. Trump had his task force arrange for a huge increase in ventilator production as the governor of New York insisted the state would need 50,000 or more. They never even needed 10,000. Now the US has a huge and increasing supply. Won’t you at least give Trump credit for the ship and the ventilators?

Why all your emphasis on shifting blame from the Chinese government to Trump? He has done as well or better than most other leaders in the US and around the world.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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