Anyone who was alive in America the last year knows the mainstream media went all-out to defeat Trump.

Once Trump started to win a few primaries, the mainstream media lost all pretense of objectivity and became a non-stop anti-Trump propaganda machine. Day after day they featured dozens of women with allegations of abusive sexual predation and tapes of him that confirmed he is a vile exploiter. Evidence that he employed lots of women in high executive positions was dismissed as irrelevant. They had shows attacking his business practices. They had panels going around calling him racist or anti-Semitic. They attacked him for being under the thumb of Putin or Bannon. Each CNN show was two minutes of Trump quotes and tweets followed by a series of talking heads explaining why his latest communications completely disqualified him. They topped it it off with coverage of polls that seemed awfully biased and as it turned out horribly wrong. In each panel there might be a few Trump or Republican speakers but they were usually shouted down and dismissed as idiots.

In contrast they approached Clinton like an apologia choir. They didn’t ask her hard questions about Benghazi: they explained why it wasn’t her fault. They didn’t ask her about the failures on her watch in Libya and Syria or the cushy uranium deal with Russia: instead they extolled her experience as Secretary of State. They treated her victory as a foregone conclusion and waxed rhapsodical about Hispanic turnout, the gender gap in her favor, and the Blue Wall in the Midwest. Before the vote they demanded Trump agree to accept the results of the election, results they never did accept after the vote was in.

Even after being thoroughly embarrassed by the results of the election, they’ve kept attacking. This is not the usual role of the press keeping the President honest. This is the propaganda wing of a movement to overturn the results of the election and thus vindicate their one-sided coverage. They keep hyping the Russia story. How can you question it was Russia that hacked the DNC they say. We can’t provide any evidence, they say, but 17 intelligence agencies say it’s so privately off-camera to our reporters. A few month later they are forced to admit 17 is really 3. They keep saying it’s like Watergate hoping to make it so.

Please don’t pretend the mainstream media has been close to fair, truthful or even-handed. It hasn’t been. It has repeatedly violated the basic ethics of journalism and needs to atone for past sins and then move back to standards of honesty and non-partisanship if it hopes to ever regain credibility.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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