As a native speaker of American English, I speak the language in a way that feels most natural to me. If I wish to insult you directly for any reason, you will surely know it and it won’t be because I use pronouns you don’t like. On the other hand if I don’t wish to insult you, but you want to consider yourself insulted if I don’t obey your language usage commands, then I will definitely never use your desired pronouns and I might just throw back some clear insults so you get the point that I don’t take orders from you on how to speak. I am not trying to force you to use any language you don’t like. This is all about mutual respect and not trying to force your dictates on others. It’s a free country and we have a First Amendment guaranteeing Freedom of Speech. I really don’t care how you identify or what you think you are and I’ll refer to you any way I like, no disrespect intended. If you don’t want he or she, then I could refer to you as “it", a gender neutral singular pronoun that sounds good to my ears. Don’t take offense where none is intended.

By the way in many other languages, such as French, all kind of things have genders and the verbs and adjectives have gender specific suffixes. It will be impossible to redo whole languages to conform to your pronoun preference.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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