As the President of the Ukraine declared, an investigation is needed to restore honesty. I suggest he knows a lot more about it than you do. Read the call transcript. You seem to be working off the Schiff phantom version. In any event, you say case closed even though you have no official Ukrainian proceeding that exonerates the Bidens. The US needs to do it’s own investigation. We should have the Burisma board and the Russian oligarch who hired and paid Biden, just what they thought they were getting. We need to get all the legal and ethics experts to get it on the record that Biden had an incredible conflict of interest and acted in a highly improper manner by overtly pressuring a foreign aid if they don’t fire the Prosecutor investigsting his son for corruption. We need to ask all of Biden’s advisors if they ever discussed conflict of interest with him.

Do you support a lax system then, one open to corruption?Don’t you think it creates the impression of impropriety and conflict of intetest when the close relative of a high official is funneled a boatload of cash by a foreign company but provides no good or service? Shouldn’t Congress be reviewing the laws on influence peddling to ensure cases like this don’t occur in the future.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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