At least you are honest in advocating open immigration as the solution to the problem of illegal immigration. You just change the law to make all immigration legal.

Here’s the problem: there are a billion hungry poor people in the world who might want to pack up and head for America, not to mention the hundred million in war zones and refugee camps. They speak a multitude of languages. They have an array of cultures. They will need medical care and housing and jobs. If any significant percentage come, it will overwhelm our resources and our capacity to assimilate them into our culture. The influx will drive wages down and spawn a vast under-the- table economy. The problem of homelessness will explode.

So, yes, there is a problem in enforcing laws that limit how many immigrants come in. But the solution is not to allow the floodgates to be open wide. The solution is to close loopholes, build barriers, crackdown on visa overstays, end the visa lottery, and adopt e-verify. The solution is to get more judges, build more detention centers, hear asylum pleas outside the US, and deport violators quickly. The solution is for Congress to pass laws on how many immigrants will be admitted, not allow unlimited numbers to come. The solution is to enforce our immigration laws humanely, but decisively.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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