Both sides are tremendously guilty of trying to rewrite history. The Democrats and the Mainstream media did loudly denounce Trump’s January 31st restrictions on travel from China as a racist overreaction, did say first the disease was no worse than seasonal flu, and did invite people to mass gatherings in urban areas assuring them it was safe. This was at the time Tucker Carlson had nightly spots highlighting the potential dangers of the disease. The same cabal of Mainstream propagandists and Democrat partisans then did a sharp 180 in mid-March and suddenly claimed Trump had done nothing and had thought the virus was a hoax. That was a blatantly false rewrite of history. Trump’s response has been flawed in several ways as has the response of many leaders in many countries. There was a lot nobody knew with enough certainty to act on. The experts and models have been repeatedly wrong. Attempts to rewrite history so Trump becomes flawless are wrong too. He has changed his mind as new information became available and the crisis unfolded. Pretending he was always right is ludicrous. But his hoping the economy could reopen by Easter or his asking for compassionate use of an unproven drug do not constitute egregious mistakes and did not and have not done the country any great harm despite the attempts by Democrats and their media allies to cast them as mortal sins. None of what Trump has said absolves the Democrat propagandists of attempts to expunge their own much worse record responding to the pandemic. The shifting Mainstream media narrative has destroyed its own credibility. In any event, being upset at Fox hosts playing real clips of Democrat mistakes does not make them Orwellian or does not make the clips any less real.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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