Champion of the Vague: we salute you!

But really, what actions are you talking about and what are they historically parallel with? What colonialist state was resorting to what open violence against which disfavoreds?

A little specificity would go a long way.

Here’s the real story on what I guess you are referring to: the demonstrations and violence on the Gaza border orchestrated by Hamas over the last few weeks. Hamas is facing a desperate situation in its struggle to destroy Israel and kill Jews. Egypt and Israel have cut-off the secret tunnels, foreign aid donors have insisted humanitarian aid not be diverted toward weaponry, corruption opportunities are dwindling as budgets at UNRWA and various NGOS are being cut, and the Palestinian Authority insists Israel cut electricity to Gaza. Hamas has let infrastructure deteriorate and parts of Gaza are short of water and sewage treatment. It can’t build a functioning economy despite bountiful aid and it has been quite a failure at war and diplomacy. The Sunni Arab states are busy trying to form an alliance with Israel to fight the rise of Iranian Shiite power.

In that context, it is quite an act of desperation for Hamas to mount a campaign of demonstrations and violence at the border. What does burning 10,000 tires and polluting the air your own people breathe say about your organization?

Meanwhile, the main activity in the region is in Syria and so is the news coverage. Sure Israel faces a challenge in handling the Gaza demonstrations and violent attacks to breach the border. However, the security forces are getting more and more practice each week in tamping down the threat while minimizing casualties. The greater concern now is about the threat of Iranian forces in Syria.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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