Chicken Little, the sky is not falling. Or to put it more accurately, your dire warnings are no more convincing than the series of bogus warnings we’ve been treated to for the last century. We never did hit peak oil in 1979. The incipient Ice Age of 1990 never happened. The population bomb did not lead to mass starvation by 1985. Overpopulation turns out not to be a problem in Europe — it’s underpopulation. Meanwhile Y2K came and went. As for Chomsky, that old fool has predicted economic collapse a dozen times and twenty of the last five stock market crashes.

You seem to be very unhinged about the fact that the climate is changing. So what. The climate is changing: true, but it always has been. During the Medieval Warm Period, it was hotter than it was today — back then Viking settlements thrived in Greenland on crops you can’t grow there now. A few hundred years ago we had a Little Ice Age and when it ended the temperature rose more in fifty years than it has in the last century. Water levels rose — recall they built dikes in Holland and Venice become a city of canals and gondolas.

What you’re missing is that we as a species have a history of adaptation to climate change. Just over ten thousand years ago giant ice sheets covered large parts of Europe and North America. Sea level was so low you could walk from Siberia to Alaska. Wooly mammoths, camels, mastodons, large cats and horses roamed North America and all went extinct in a few hundred years, but people adapted and populated the Americas.

Attempts to foist world government on humanity, the strategy of limiting CO2, and certainly the Paris Climate deal all fail to be cost effective or intelligent ways to adapt. Better land use policies and better insurance programs can be adopted without committees of foreign bureaucrats giving their approval. Changes are needed. Subsidies for building near the coast or on flood plains need to be stopped. More needs to be done to promote wetlands. Meanwhile increased CO2 can spur plant growth and possibly help reduce hunger. The US government, states, cities, and free markets will respond and much more effectively than a top-down world bureaucracy ever could.

So relax and take a chill pill. The End is not coming so soon, at least not in the way you warn us about.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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