Collapse Bro Gets His Stats Wrong

In his recent post, Collapse Bro (Umair Haque, the guy whose every post features “American Collapse”), dropped a statistic that was off by orders of magnitude. He was trying to minimize the problem of mass uncontrolled immigration in Europe:

The problem is hardly just one of demographics — a few thousand refugees are hardly a threat of any sort to societies of millions, who are rich to begin with

Hold it you say: he surely did not say there were only a few thousand refugees entering Europe. Thousands is way too small. He’s much too concerned with accuracy and facts to say that. Surely you are misquoting him. Please read it yourself — it’s about two thirds of the way down in his “Europe is Utopia except for a few teensy weensy problems” apologia.

Of course the stat is wrong. It’s not even close. The “thousands” are actually more than a million. The actual net number of immigrants into Germany in 2015 was estimated at 1.1 million.

His made-up low estimate is a failed attempt to hide a problem that is on display all over Europe: the economically unsustainable contradiction in having generous social benefits and allowing a vast flow of refugees to immigrate and reap those benefits. Governments are soon forced to borrow to provide the additional benefits going to the new arrivals. Eventually this puts a strain on the financial strength of the social safety net and it starts unraveling.

Let’s hope Collapse Bro gets his numbers in the neighborhood of reality next time and have a discussion of the problems threatening to lead to collapse of the EU, or at least more Brexits.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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