The assertion: many people in America have skin-color prejudice, is distinct from the assertion: there is systemic racial prejudice in American society today.

Dealing with the question of depth and prevalence of individual skin color prejudice, it is impossible to know what individuals truly feel. However, even if many Americans still harbor hidden biases, in most cases, we publicly treat one another as if race did not matter. Despite a relatively few incidents that are exceptions, America has evolved to become one of the least racist societies ever. People of different races and racial backgrounds interact with one another every day and almost always follow accepted American norms of civility.

As regards claims of systemic racism, the history of America is a story of how the America ideals of freedom and equality triumphed over the institutions of slavery and segregstion that embodied systemic racism. America fought the Civil War to put an end to slavery in the 1860s. It enacted Civil Rights Acts and outlawed segregation in the 1960s. Individuals who feel they have been subject to racial discrimination can file complaints or seek redress in the courts. Thousands have. Affirmative Action programs and the rise of Diversity bureaucracies have even led to a society with systemic racism that favors Blacks.

So even if you are a light-skinned Black who has some prejudice against dark-skinned Blacks, you are still going to hire the Black applicant to meet your Diversity quota. That is true even though that applicant has lower test scores or grades than the White or Asian applicants. The American paradigm of equal opportunity and equal justice under law applies to individuals of whatever color.

Blacks have been making great progress on the basis of individual achievement and talent. A Black man was elected and reelected as President. A majority of people in the country are willing to look past whatever racism they have in their hearts and elect a person based on merit, regardless of their race.

Let me summarize. First, Americans are, by and large, not deeply racist. If such racism exists, it does not prevent a Black woman from ordering a caffe latte from a White teenager working at McDonald’s and getting her drink served just like anyone else’s.

Second, in most every field, American society has moved beyond systemic racism against Blacks. Examples of what happened in 1619 don’t prove systemic racism exists today.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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