Democrats have a set of fundamental policy disagreements that threaten to rip their party in two and many of their policies are too unpopular for prime time exposure. Poor Joe Biden has to flip-flop like a fish on a hook or stay deliberately vague to avoid stoking any break-up. Is he against fracking or not and does the answer depend on whether he’s in front of Pennsylvania energy workers or AOC devotees of the Green New Deal? Speaking of the GND deal, how popular are its proposals to ban airline travel and raise the price of gas and electricity? The Democrats were unable to talk about riots and crime for months, hoping denial was going to work as a strategy. It didn’t. Biden finally said he’s against it, but without a word of criticism for BLM or Antifa who did the rioting and the Democrat Mayors who did nothing to stop them. Democrats have defunded the police. Biden is against that, but he’s for reallocation, which kinda means the same thing. Where does Biden stand on the reimposing the individual mandate in the ACA, a provision that is a tax and that is unpopular? Is Biden against the new trade deals Trump negotiated or does he admit Trump accomplished something positive? What about Trump’s peace deals? Democrats are walking themselves into being the party that does not like peace, not only because orange man bad is their mantra but also because their own policy did not work and they don’t want to admit that. They don’t have a popular foreign policy. They bow a lot to China and want to pick fights with Russia. They promote endless wars and foreign interventions. Will Biden send US troops back into Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan? It’s best if the Democrats scream orange man bad a lot and promise the moon as vaguely as possible. In too many areas, talking about policy will be unpopular and divisive for their own voters.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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