Do you have any support for this? Because the polls say otherwise. Before the Coronavirus, 76% said the economy was doing well, the highest since 2001.

The consumer confidence had shot from 80 in 2016 to over 125 in 2018.

In contrast to the Obama recovery that raised the stock market and corporate profits, but not the median family income, Trump’s prosperity has dramatically reduced the poverty rate to the lowest in 70 years and raised the median family income by over $4000. Due to the increased standard deductions in the tax cut, a large percentage of people, over 90%, paid a lower percentage of their income to the IRS. The Blue Collar boom under Trump has seen the largest increase in real wages since the 1990s.

Trump’s economic policies have been successful for all classes, especially for the poor and working class. Blacks and Latino unemployment rates are the lowest since they started keeping statistics.

Partisan Democrats have been predicting economic disaster and declaring its time to panic even before Trump was sworn in. These false Cassandra’s have a terrible record for prophecy.

You are trying to tell people the prosperity they are actually experiencing is not real. They say they are making more money, specifically those on the lower rungs of the ladder. But you deny it on the basis of zero facts. Next time you start trying to make assertions, you might want to get a few citations to back them up.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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