Dude -seek help immediately for clinical “collapse prediction syndrome”. Try taking some happy pills. Or else get on stage and do the comedy club circuit with your Chicken Little Sky is Falling in America routine. It’s so overboard; it’s ROFL material, bound to make you a star.

Ok you deserve a serious response like when a delusional paranoid needs to be shown there are no fourth dimensional galactic assassins hiding in the hall closet. I think what you getting wrong is assuming chronic social problems are synonymous with “collapse”.

One kind of collapse is exemplified by what is seen in parts of Libya or Syria or Somalia and other places where the authority of nation states has collapsed from the onslaughts of civil war, invasion, and terrorism. These are regions where there is no law, where water supplies are scarce, where the electricity doesn’t go on, where the trains don’t run, where goods and services are in short supply, where roads are not repaired, where violence runs unchecked.

Get real! Neither the US, Germany, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Japan, or most countries around the globe are in any danger of that kind of collapse any time soon. Of there will be wars and there are boundaries that may be redrawn in many places. Do you see this happening in the US? Neither does anyone else, at least not in the immediate future.

Perhaps you mean the kind of collapse that befell Nazi Germany, a thorough violent regime change imposed from without, or a major revolution akin to the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution or the Communist takeover of China that destroys the old order and puts a new one in place. Again the US is one of the least likely candidates for such a collapse even if it is and has been, often unwisely, an agent of regime change for others.

Another type of collapse is the the sort of collapse that befell the Roman Empire, where the whole civilization fell apart from barbarian attacks, unchecked immigration, internal division, incompatible religious movements, economic disfunction, population decline, poor governance, political division, and war. This isn’t what’s happening in the US, not even close. Instead Europe is beset with challenges in many of these areas. Even then, the threat of a collapse of civilization as we know is highly remote.

Oh yeah, the US has old people who are not rich and average longevity that may be flat or decreasing or gun violence or a drug epidemic. Serious stuff with real victims, but it’s truly Garden variety. It’s stuff we’ve seen for years under different reincarnations. None of it is symptomatic of collapse.

The Twitter feeds still function, Amazon delivers packages, new smart phones are released, Facebook shows all of us our likes, Starbucks provides caffe lattes, and fast food is delivered to your door. Trains and planes run and you can Uber where you want and stay at an Airbnb or decent motel or fancy resort when you get there. Innovation is proceeding at a rapid pace. It’s more a new wave of industrialization and technological advance than a collapse. Think about it: without our new devices you’d be a guy with a sign saying “the end is near” instead of someone who can preach calamity over an electronic social network.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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