Either you’re hopelessly naive or you’re part of the machine spewing provably false propaganda. The attacks on the Israeli border by masses of Palestinians from Gaza are far from peaceful demonstrations. As major Hamas figures have proudly proclaimed in recent days, the mass confrontations feature organized violent provocations intended to produce martyrs and at least win a propaganda victory if they cannot breach the border fence and slaughter Jews. Here’s Netanyahu with video clips of Hamas spokespeople — they say they want violence and all he does is agree with them.


The mass demonstrations and border attacks are another front in the war against Israel, a war Israel does not want. Israel would prefer nothing better than to live peacefully and trade to mutual benefit with a prosperous Gaza.

Israel acts in the most moral way always trying to minimize civilian casualties. Tear gas and rubber bullets are used in most cases, with live fire by snipers reserved for those hurling explosives or actually breaching the border.

Hamas is in desperate straits. The Egyptian blockade and campaign of destruction against Hamas terror tunnels is increasingly effective. Foreign humanitarian donations are drying up as donors are wising up to the fact that a good part of the relief is diverted into armaments or someone’s pocket. The Palestinian Authority insists Hamas pay its electric bills, and the neglect of basic infrastructure has adversely impacted living conditions and made life harder for the people of Gaza. The latest: Hamas has burned many tires and has blown up the gas lines at the Kerem Shalom crossing- don’t blame Israel if shipping bottlenecks develop.


Meanwhile in Jerusalem and Ramallah, Cairo, Amman, and Riyadh, Muslims celebrate Ramadan and make the same ritual denunciations of Israel all the while wishing Hamas would just stop.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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