First I want to commend you for the positive and civil tenor of your comments.

In response to your invitation to talk, I say I have always been ready to do so. You should be aware I have always supported Civil Rights and equal and fair treatment under law for all Americans. America is a country of many different peoples. What holds us together is the set of ideals we aspire to live by. Equal rights, individual freedoms, due process, non-discrimination, economic opportunity are some of those shared values. The story of America is a story of back and forth progress from a reality that did not live up to the vision. The country has been extraordinarily successful and unique. It put an end to slavery, defeated fascism, built the largest economy and advanced the civil rights and material well-being of a wide range of peoples. It is all predicated on being a people ultimately united by something that goes beyond race, religion, ethnicity, or gender.

In that context, any attack on our national symbols is an attack on our unity as a nation. Attacks like Kaps are inherently divisive. They promote a perspective where nothing of the American Dream remains. They ask us to see ourselves not as individual citizens of varied backgrounds held together by shared values, but rather as members of separate factions with nothing to hold us together.

I went down to Mississippi in the early 70s when I was a college student. I went to register voters and to be a poll watcher. I was polite and well-groomed for the occasion, but I made sure no one at my polling place was denied the right to vote. This was their right as Americans.

I had also traveled in the South earlier and been shocked by the public display of injustice in the signs commanding racial segregation. When I saw this, it struck me as profoundly unAmerican.

Whenever you post a separate piece, one that does not idolize someone who is disrespecting symbols of American unity, I’d be quite ready to discuss it.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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