First none of what you allege happened in the war of 1947–48 negates the main points I made about events before the war. First, the whole land is originally Jewish. The Jews were exiled by the Romans, but they never gave up claim to their homeland. Second, the Jewish National Fund and other groups legally under Ottoman law bought land for Jewish settlement starting back in the 1870s. Third, the only people pushed off land before the war were Jews who lived in Hebron.

During the 1947–8 war, some Arab communities fled at the behest of the leaders of Arab armies, others to avoid battles, and others in fear of upcoming battles. Other Arabs stayed and became citizens of Israel. There was no systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing or rape. Remember it was the Arabs who rejected partition and Arab countries who started the war. Those turned out to be bad choices, but you can’t blame Israel for winning a war it did not start.

As to Deir Yassin, there was a battle there and people on both sides were killed and injured. However, many people had fled in advance of the battle. Of those that stayed, most of the casualties were combatants. Afterward, both the Jewish militias and the Arab propagandists inflated the number of casualties. The Arab propagandists also added stories of rape, massacre, and destruction that never occurred. They hoped to arouse the zeal of their side, but instead started a minor panic that led other Arab communities to flee.

Israeli Arabs have more individual rights and liberties in Israel than in most Arab countries. They own land, go to school, and get good medical care. The ethnic cleansing you describe does not exist. Please visit for yourself and see.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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