From the moment the Iranian revolutionary theocracy took American diplomats hostage, it revealed itself to be a danger to the world. More recently it brutally suppressed its own people. It’s not the kind of friendly regime that tolerates a Green Revolution.

Whether Ahmadinejad did or didn’t say anything, you can’t deny the point that the Iranian regime regularly threatens Israel and the US with destruction and nuclear annihilation. They have “Death to Israel! Death to the US” proclamations and marches every month or so.

The Soviet Communists at least had a world view that they would inevitably dominate the world due to change in underlying material conditions. It was always good to grab control of as much as possible, but there was no need to risk nuclear destruction. Deterrence worked with a foe like that.

It’s an open question whether deterrence will work with a foe having an apocalyptic world view that welcomes its own martyrdom as the surest route to heaven. Letting such a regime gain access to nuclear arms and delivery systems is surely irresponsible. The Americans know it. The Israelis know it. The Saudis know it. Most countries in the region know it and are deathly afraid. Even many Shia and Iranians know it.

Are you becoming an apologist for the theocratic fundamentalist regime in Tehran?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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