Funny I was about to cite the average Democrat as someone who identifies so strongly with their image of the party that they are oblivious to facts and logic. They fell for the Russian collusion conspiracy theory and believed Trump would be arrested for treason. Many still believe it even after the Mueller investigation turned up no evidence of collusion by any American. Trump can negotiate two Middle East peace deals, a Balkan peace deal, draw down troops overseas, and start no new wars, but the average Biden voter thinks he’s a warmonger. When Trump gets a better trade deal, they deny it matters. When BLM and Antifa are rioting in Democrat cities, Biden voters can literally watch buildings going up in flames and call it mostly peaceful protest. Democrats are now so committed to smears, suppression, cancel culture, and censorship, they are for the most part immune to facts or logic, and even more they don’t even want to know the facts.

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