God It’s Reassuring To Have Trump in Charge Now

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People are getting scared about what might happen. It goes from “there’s no toilet paper” and “they’re out of hand sanitizer” to “let’s buy ten pounds of hamburger meat”. What if the truckers, freight haulers, and dockworkers get sick? Could we get into a supply shortage trading cans of tomato paste and tuna fish? Once your mind gets going in this direction, it’s hard to stop. This is the fabric of panic.

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The local government starts letting criminals out of jail and declines to enforce the laws. This reassures no one. People feel a lot less safe and a lot more frightened. We are all buying guns.

We are so thankful for the Second Amendment. But are we really going to have to be a militia defending our streets from anarchy when our local governments won’t do the job?

The dithering in Congress and the bewilderment of Joe Biden have both been profoundly disturbing. A major segment of our leadership and political institutions is unable to focus with the requisite urgency and determination on a true and immediate existential threat.

What is holding us together and stopping it from falling apart? So far it is Trump. He’s done some good things and some not so good. He’s said things he shouldn’t have said and other things that were not accurate. But what the last three years have convinced all of us is that he will not buckle under pressure. We know he will keep talking and keep issuing orders, he will pursue any kind of deal but not give away the store, he will make things happen and stand up for America. Against all the potential scenarios of chaos unleashed, the public knows Trump will never let anything that bad happen. Trump will react strongly to any major threat to law and order. We all know this: Trump is not going to let this country fall apart.

It’s also good to know he is relentlessly pushing to keep the American people heathy and to prevent the economy from becoming a shambles. He is as appointing task forces, meeting with healthcare and pharmaceutical CEOs, convening groups of banking and finance executives, and talking with leaders from all major industries. We know activity will take place. Deals will be made. Trump will make sure people have the essentials. Checks will go out. Rents and mortgages will be paid. The lights will stay on. Food will get delivered. More test kits, masks, and gloves will be made, not quite as soon as we needed, but not so far off that we suffer anything near the worst.

Some pundits get distracted with all the details; he made a good move here and bad one there, and miss the larger point:Trump’s presence and attitude is immensely reassuring to the public. The citizenry knows the mistakes he makes will get fixed. The people admire his flexibly and transactional perspective. They know he will shift specific positions in minutes and fire anybody anytime, even while maintaining the ship on a roughly straight course.

To a larger extent than many will admit, it is our implicit confidence in Trump that keeps many Americans from falling into panic right now. Yes we are getting scared. But our President is up to the task of protecting us.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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