Granted a few extreme Trump supporters may not have a firm grasp of reality, but a far larger portion of Biden supporters are fundamentally detached from the real world. They bought the far-fetched Russian collusion conspiracy theory, when they never had a shred of plausible evidence. Many still can’t let go of it, even after it became the most officially debunked conspiracy theory in the world when Mueller came up dry. It’s hysterical to watch Biden supporters be jerked around like marionettes on a string with each new bombshell dished out by the Mainstream Media. How gullible are Biden supporters to believe each new hoax right after the last one is exposed as a fraud. It is incredible that anyone with a measurable IQ bought the Jossie Smollett story, but Biden supporters did. What willful blindness it is when Biden supporters accepted the propaganda that “protests are mostly peaceful” while looters were running off with flat screens and buildings were aflame in the background.

Now, you must be proud of yourself to have sunk the discourse into grade school name-calling. But, really, I was a Democrat once, until it became the party of liars, swindlers, hypocrites, influence-peddlers, and legions of self-lobotomized followers.

There, I guess that makes us even.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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