Hamas is totally to blame for the bloodshed. Its objective as boldly proclaimed by its spokespeople is to breach the border and massacre the people living in Israeli villages and farms. Failing that, its strategy is to provoke confrontation and violence to produce a large number of martyrs and score a hollow propaganda victory.

Hamas is also to blame for the plight of the people of Gaza. They receive a huge amount of aid but a large portion is diverted into building terror tunnels, buying missiles, and procuring armaments. Much ends up in a foreign bank account. Hamas has neglected basic infrastructure.

It has made an enemy of both Egypt and the Palestinian Authority. Egyptian maintains an arms blockade and periodically shuts down the crossings it controls as penalty for Hamas ties to ISIS in the Sinai. The Palestinian Authority demands Israel shut off the electricity because Hamas won’t pay its electric bill.

Hamas has burned many tires and has blown up the gas lines at the Kerem Shalom crossing- don’t blame Israel if shipping bottlenecks develop. Hamas even refused to accept badly needed medical supplies Israel was trying to send in.

Israel acts in the most moral way, always trying to minimize civilian casualties. It does not ignore non-lethal methods as you assert. Tear gas and rubber bullets are used in most cases, with live fire by snipers reserved for those hurling explosives or actually breaching the border.

If everyone stayed 100 meters back from the border fence and demonstrated peacefully, there would be no one dead.

Israel doesn’t want to see anyone killed — the Israelis full well understand every death promotes Hamas propaganda. Hamas on the other hand wants to run up the death toll — it is entirely to blame for the bloodshed and everybody knows it.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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