Healthcare is not a right, but it is something like good food, safe streets, schooling, and clean water that government should endeavor to make sure is available to all citizens. Our system is a mixed one in which the default is to establish conditions so the free market can provide for our needs and then to admit government intervention to provide a safety net. We want the benefits of free enterprise while not suffering the adverse effects of dog-eat-dog competition. As to healthcare, we should provide healthcare for all as part of our safety net, but Obamacare’s method of going about it was poorly conceived and overweighted toward government intervention. Insurance for those not otherwise covered should be paid for by general tax revenues, not by mandating a small subset of people buy overpriced insurance. The US system of employer provided insurance for those working and Medicare for the retired gives 290 million people world class healthcare, with shorter wait times and better access to specialists and advanced surgery than in most government run systems around the world. The US is the clear leader in innovation and new treatments. Healthcare for the remaining 40 million Americans should be provided by paying for their insurance out of general tax revenues with minimal disruption to the rest of the system. It should be seen as part of the safety net.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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