How could you write a piece about American Conservatives and ignore the rise of Populism? Trump achieved a suprising victory over an array of Conservative Establishment Republicans and went on to notch an even more surprising victory over a Liberal Establishment standard-bearer by advancing an array of Populist views. Modern Populism is an international movement that calls on nation-states to reassert their sovereignty against remote and unresponsive international organizations. It values citizenship and enforces borders. It opposes illegal immigration. In the US, it is Populism that carries the torch of American exceptionalism and proclaims pride in American ideals and symbols. Populism is profoundly skeptical of internationalist trade deals and climate change accords that disadvantage American workers. Populism advocates American military predominance while avoiding and winding down the military interventions that proliferated and dragged on under both Republican and Democrat Administrations.

Populism has arisen as a counter to the hostile takeover of American society by Left Progressives. Left Progresssives push racial quotas and identity politics. They repress free speech and are intolerant of opposing views. They dislike the Constitution and want to overthrow the American government. The Left movement promotes cancel culture, race-based reparations, and mob violence. Populism champions equal rights and opportunities. It celebrates all races and ethnic groups.

Progressive Democrats are unwilling to put down Antifa and BLM violence, but they have defunded the police and triggered a big jump in crime. Populists stand for stamping out riots and for restoring order. They want the police adequately funded.

Progressives look backward. They seek to redress injustice from two centuries ago by punishing people today. Populists want to expand opportunities for people today and celebrate the advance of American society. Populists look to the future. They support space exploration and scientific advances. Progressives propound a doomsday doctrine of climate disaster.

So maybe 1932 style Liberalism and 1952 Conservatism don’t seem to have much new to say about our current situation. But you have missed quite a bit by not examining the rise of modern Populist thought.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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