How many hate crime hoaxes do I have to give you before you admit they exist? The two Smollett hate crime allegations were both hoaxes. Why can’t you admit that? I already gave you another fake hate crime where an Islamic woman claimed MAGA supporters had pulled at her hijab at a subway station but she had staged the whole thing herself and was later charged with filing a false police report. Here’s a few more:

Meanwhile the Left in Europe is overrun with anti-Zionism so extreme that it has morphed into overt anti-Semitic attacks and harassment. Eorpe now clearly has rising anti-semitism coming from the extremists on Left and Right and from Islamist groups.

The same militancy of the Left in America has also gone over the line. Here eviction notices were posted on the dorm room doors of Jewish students.

Antifa thugs and other Leftists beat up people and foment street violence..

Of course we can’t forget that a Bernie supporter did shoot at the Republican Congressional softball team and wounded Congressman Scalise.

Or the race motivated murder of five police officers in Dallas.

I think what I’m saying is balanced and well supported by the facts. There is a rise in actual hate crimes and a rise in hate crime hoaxes. Perpetrators are from far Right, far Left, and Radical Islamist background. Many of the hoaxes are uncritically highlighted by the media for a few days because they comport with the line of “victim” propaganda the media is trying to promote.

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