I agree the analogy with 1984 is inaccurate. But you are vastly understating the totalitarian anti-American nature of the moves made by the Social Media and Tech Giants to censor and deplatform Trump and his supporters. It is a direct attack on the concept of free speech, the idea that differences are expressed and debated, not surpressed. Until quite recently, America has historically regulated dominant communications network companies as common carriers. They were licensed with the obligation to provide services to all customers without regard to their political views. The telephone company in the US, but not in every other country, is forbidden from listening in on your call and then cutting it off because you said something the phone company did not approve. There were policies stemming from anti-trust concepts that were put in place to prevent a private company from abusing market power to squelch opposing views. The FCC Fairness Doctrine forced private TV stations to air statements contrary to those broadcast by the station. There were anti-trust actions taken to stop newspaper mergers if that would put all local print media under control of a single private entity. In many spheres of transportation, communications, and commerce, we operate under the idea that everyone gets the same service regardless of politics. This is a bedrock principle for a free country. You get electricity and water even if you are a Communist and the utilities are owned by Trump supporters. The Social Media Behemoths should be regulated as utilities. They supply all customers with the wire but should not be allowed to control the content. If customers use the wire for illegal purposes, the legal authorities, not private interests, should be the ones to prosecute the offenders. The 1996 Communications Act left social media companies a giant loophole, but at the time they did not exist and did not have the strangle hold over communications they now have. No one initially expected they would use their control in such an overt partisan manner. If we want free speech and a free society, people on all sides need to push back against the heavy-handed censorship of Big Tech. Bills must be passed right away closing the loophole and then regulating these companies as common carriers obligated to provide service to all.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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