I agree. The Trump side has not been able to come up with evidence sufficient to prove fraud to judges and get them to overturn the currently listed results. However that does not prove the election was fair; just that there isn’t enough to declare it unfair. This sounds like a pedantic distinction, but it’s the crux of hypothesis testing in Statistics. https://link.medium.com/E1a5Z7Q6hcb

A key point is that our current system is not well-designed to catch fraud. The distribution of unsolicited ballots and the effectively anonymous transmission of ballots by mail and drop box make it too easy to cheat and too hard to catch cheaters. I propose we reform the system and adopt nationwide standards to make the process more timely, secure, and transparent. Fingerprint and photo id verification of each ballot caster should be our goal. https://link.medium.com/6JRDtPv8hcb

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