I applaud you for trying to have an intellectually honest political discussion. This means you have some inherent opposition to the cancel culture promulgated by the Left and the mass media censorship of the social media giants. As a German, you may even have some resistance to the racist identity politics of BLM. You might also be disturbed by the ominous similarity between the street violence and intimidation tactics of the Antifa Left and the Nazi Brownshirts of Weimar Germany.

As a German, don't you strongly object to the Democrat Left doctrine of collective generational racial guilt? Under this Diversity Dogma, any person of color is justified assaulting any white person if they are acting in outrage to even the scores against an injustice done to a black person by a white person a century ago. If that logic holds, why shouldn't we just nuke all Germans? Under that thinking, they can't ever erase the collective guilt they bear for what they did in the Nazi era.

Much of the Left promotes or condones rampant violence. Democrat Mayors have let violent mobs destroy their cities. They have defunded police in their cities and crime has skyrocketed. I did not vote for Trump last time. But we need Trump now. If you value your own personal safety and security, you will vote for Trump. If you want to be able to eat a meal in peace in a restaurant without being assaulted by BLM agitators, you will vote for Trump. If you don't want rioters to trash your neighborhood and looters to carry off flat screet TVs and declare it reparations, you will vote for Trump. If you don't want women being raped in broad daylight on a subway platform or young children killed by stray bullets in gang shootouts, you will vote for Trump.

I could debate all the particulars you have brought up. For now, I just want to dispute your amoral assertion that we shouldn't care about urban violence until the death toll reaches 100,000 or so. If we accept that idea, why should we care then about the handful of unarmed blacks killed by police? By your logic, we should wait until 100,000 or so are killed.

Finally, I have found people on the Left infinitely gullible, extremely illogical, and outrageously hypocritical. They fall for every hoax. They canonized Jossie Smollet and wanted to lynch the Covington Kids. They fell for the Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory and many still refuse to accept it was a sham. They have a transactional set of ethics and outrage. It's "Believe All Women" when promoting allegation against Justice Kavanaugh despite the lack of specific details, contemporaneous support, or any evidence. But when Tara Reade says Biden fingered her against her will and evidence surfaces of her mother making contemporaneous supporting remarks, suddenly we don't believe women any more and launch vicious attacks against the victim. They don't get how willfully blind they look when they say it's a mostly peaceful protest while flames leap in the background. I believe when people look at our current situation with open eyes and clear logic, they will walk away from the Democrats. Trump is useful primarily because he will stand strong against the worst excesses of the Democrats. I was a lifelong Democrat. It is not too strong to say anyone who approaches the question with intellectual honesty will also leave the Democrat Party.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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