I applaud your independence of thought even if I don’t necessarily agree with evertything you say. The larger perspective we share is that it is both:

  1. A rejection of what the Democrats have become, and
  2. the observation that things under Trump have gone a lot better than the Left wing panic-mongers predicted they would.

The Mainstream media have been caught in a stunning sequence of huge lies. The whole Russian collusion narrative was a twisted conspiracy theory, but every week we were treated to another bombshell and more panels saying this one would finally be the one to take down Trump. And then you realize their business model is to sell hype to Democrat partisans, truth be damned. As you realized, the media propaganda machine manufactures false accusations and hypes faux outrage over things it excuses if done by its devotees. (Yes I’m thinking of a governor in KKK hood or Blackface). The Mainstream media has lost all credibility. Finally we all see the impeachment campaign was a partisan divisive exercise, a dagger aimed at the Constitution. The lesson is that Democrats are too corrupt and too extreme to be trusted with any power. We both agree Trump has done some good things, but if you don’t feel right about him, at least vote for your Mom again over any Democrat.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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