I cancelled my subscription to the NYT over this. By its pathetic yes- then-no vacillation, it declared itself to be spineless and offered up its op-ed page to be a propaganda sheet for one side. It showed it lacked any dedication to the principles of journalism and reasoned debate it supposedly stood for.

I also disagree with you strongly about Senator Cotton's position on the issue.


You can debate at what point a President should send in troops to reimpose order when state and local authorities are unable or unwilling to do so, but you and others seem to be arguing it is somehow always wrong.

However, the Insurrection Act and the Constitution allow the President to deploy troops when necessary restore order, it and there is ample precedent.

In the 1960s, President Johnson sent troops and tanks to quell the riots in Detroit.


Kennedy sent troops in to quell riots in Mississippi and he did it over the loud and determined objections of the Governor. Eisenhower sent troops to Little Rock Arkansas. You can go all the way back to George Washington leading troops to put down the Whiskey Rebellion.


Trump delayed sending troops and thus allowed looters and arsonists to run rampant and destroy parts of many of our major cities and to commit hundreds of assaults and several murders. I concur with Senator Cotton that he should have acted and acted promptly.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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