I commend you on your response. However, I must point out you made one big unwarranted assumption. You think I am some partisan Republican, but that’s not true. I am not Republican at all. Until 2016, I was a life-long Democrat, albeit disillusioned with how both establishment Democrats and Republicans, and how the mainstream media and especially the NYT had supported the phony disinformation campaign that justified the US invasion of Iraq. When Hillary had Susan Rice get on the Sunday talk shows and claim in a straight face that our diplomats in Benghazi had been attacked and killed in reaction to a video, I strongly suspected it was a lie as it turned out to be. You can keep talking about how all these sources are so credible, but after a point I realized they had gone too far. So I quit the Democratic Party. The whole Russia collusion campaign has discredited the Democratic Party, the Mainstream Media, and parts of the National Security apparatus. Lots of charges and allegations, lots of leaks from anonymous sources, bombshells hyped for partisan advantage every other week, but when you peel it all away, there are very few alleged facts and there is zero evidence on the collusion charges. I am not a Republican, but I’ll certainly never go back to the bunch of liars also known as the Democratic Party. You have written a whole article casting one side as telling the truth and the other as purveyors of falsehood. I’m here to tell you your side is full of it, too. I’ve tried to provide specific examples. Saying the other side has lied too doesn’t make your side’s fabrications any less false. Maybe you will #walkaway too.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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