I don’t think you get what American exceptionalism is all about. In a world where most people are citizens of political entities deriving from ethnic or tribal or religious identity, America is a country where people of all racial, ethnic, tribal, and religious backgrounds are citizens. The foundational concept is that each individual person has rights and opportunities. This is exceptional. It is also exceptional that America regards itself as a work in progress, moving toward a more perfect union, giving everyone a chance at the American Dream. When people whose parents were dirt-poor immigrants see their children graduate college and they say “only in America”, they are referring to American exceptionalism. It is country exceptional for fighting a civil war to eliminate slavery and make progress on civil rights for people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. When America elected and reelected Barak Obama as President, it was an demonstration of American progress that can be considered fairly exceptional. There are many wonderful and not so wonderful countries around the world. Still, vast numbers of people from Africa, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere still apply to immigrate and become citizens. Millions are lining up to get in. If you don’t think it’s so cool in the US, then you are free to go to any of those other places.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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