I don’t think you’ve ever gone through Diversity Training. My experience was typical. I kept my mouth shut in order to keep my job. The facilitator put us through exercises that made everyone aware of differences. She attributed to blacks a lot of insulting attributes and excused them as a product of systemic racism. Our accomplished Black professionals disagreed with her and slammed them as prejudiced stereotypes. Whites disagreed with the whole premise and pointed to the progress made. I’ll never forget the facilitator got upset and said to our breakout group “Stop bringing up Obama. Obama doesn’t count”. Asians and Hispanics and mixed race people were terrified of the entire set of exercises. In the end we all agreed Diversity training was a tremendous waste of time and had not succeeded in getting us to hate one another. The hostility of Black professionals (outside of the HR team)to the Diversity training was quite intense. Many made comments privately later to underscore their opposition.

Diversity Training marginalizes and demeans the actual achievements and progress of Black Americans. It promotes negative racist stereotypes and prejudices. It tries to foist collective guilt on people and gets them fighting over race. It’s a race-baiting extortion racket.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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