I think either you are completely misreading these polls or the polls themselves are flawed and do not capture public sentiment. Most people I know favor social distancing on a voluntary basis in conformance with guidelines issued by government officials. But an increasingly vehement majority object to extreme and arbitrary measures they view as illegitimate and unconstitutional. They want to go back to work under new protocols. They don’t want to wait in long car lines to get food from a food bank. They don’t like being on unemployment insurance. Many don’t get why they can’t go to beaches and parks. There are no scientific studies showing social spread in outdoor environments. Many are upset they can’t get non-Covid medical care. I wonder if the polls excluded a person whose heart stent operation or breast cancer screening has been postponed. What the polls don’t seem to catch is that maybe a third of the country is starting to reach the boiling point and in two or three weeks or even sooner will start to ignore orders issued by governors if they don’t want to obey them. Meanwhile, many police officers are not happy with being used as enforcers of the social distancing measures. The contrast between releasing violent felons from prison to prevent Covid contagion while arresting law-abiding citizens for going to the park eats away at the morale of our law enforcement personnel. The more draconian and imperious decrees will soon be ignored. You can’t arrest five million people especially when the cops won’t arrest them.

So yes most people support social distancing but they also oppose the more extreme or arbitrary government orders. It’s an important distinction you or the polls seem to have missed.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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