I think most of your scenarios ignore aspects of modern life that will have a critical impact on any coming Civil War. I am talking about telecommunications, social media, supply chains, interstate highways, electric supply grids, suburbs, mass transit, airports, drones, and pipelines. I don’t see Civil War developing. After election day, there will be massive riots by BLM, Antifa, and assorted Leftists. What they have been doing so far is practice for their larger insurrection. However, Trump and Barr, acting with Federal marshalls, Border Patrol, ICE, will sieze control of social media and try to freeze the accounts of Leftist and BLM activists. The initial battle will be between Twitter employees and Federal communications agents sent in to enforce orders. However it will be a short battle. After the head of Twitter or another social media giant is killed by Feds attempting to serve a warrant, the other social media companies negotiate survival agreements and comply with Trump’s National Security Social Media Executive Order. Democrat Mayors will be unable to stop the rioting, but that will cause a lot of people to flee the cities. Local towns may set up roadblocks at suburban exits. The vast majority of Biden voters will not go along with the Leftist insurrection. The noose will tighten. Bank accounts of Soros related groups will be frozen and credit cards will become invalid. Some Leftist cities may try to raid the countryside. Water and electric supplies for some cities may be cut off. There will be battles over power plants. Mass raids like the Palmer raids will sweep up a few thousand of the most visible Left agitators. But then the fighting will be over and the BLM Left will be defeated. There will be few casualties. A consolidation will begin. Diversity departments will be eliminated. Universities will fire anyone who put up a Tweet in favor of burning the system down. Anyway that’s one scenario that incorporates more modern elements. An updated version of the Handmaid’s Tale with less theocracy is what it will be like.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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