I’ll grant that I may have mistook part of your argument: Tucker Carlson does talk about the foolishness of importing too many unskilled workers whose jobs will be soon replaced be robots but you did not specifically call that future prediction a lie. However, my basic argument still holds. You overstate as fact generalizations that are debatable or incorrect. Your big rebuttal of Carlson rests on your assertion that there is no shortage of high wage workers, but that is just wrong. Sure there is a shortgage of food service workers and day laborers, but there is also a shortage of nurses, skilled trades construction workers, health care technicians, truck drivers, web page designers, real estate managers, architects, engineers, and educational administrators, to name a few. Really, take a look at the latest BLS report before you propound overstated false generalizations.

Further, despite your assertion to the contrary, there are many economists who do say the large influx of low wage immigrants has depressed the growth of wages for low wage workers. That along with automation is cited by economists as a major reason for lack of growth in real wages for lower and middle class workers over the past two decades. Indeed the rise of income inequality is highly correlated with illegal low wage immigration.


Since your assertions are not accurate, then, under your logic, that means you are guilty of telling lies. Or does it? I think it only means you are wrong.

Why not admit you simply disagree with Carlson, instead of saying he is lying? He has sources for what he says. You may not agree, but it is clear he believes them. You may show he is inaccurate: that doesn’t make him a liar. I think until you stop being intellectually dishonest about this, you are the one who is guilty of lying.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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