I'm extremely disappointed in this piece. It tries to claim Tara Reade is discredited and Joe Biden is vindicated on the basis of press leaks about what co-workers supposedly said about her years ago. It is predicated on gossip about Reade's truthfulness and gives great credence to indirect rumors about what was in employee performance reviews you do not claim to have seen and which no one has copies of. It relies on a whole lot of unsworn innuendo. It places great stock on your speculation about what is or isn't possible. You are trying too hard to make this story die. In doing so, you are discrediting your own reputation as an objective observer who pursues the truth, no matter what.

There are many glaring points you have not yet covered that should compel you or any fair observer to keep digging and not close the case. First, if nothing happened, how do you explain why Tara Reade's mother called Larry King and said her daughter had been subject to some sort of sexual harassment at the Senate office she was working in. This is contemporaneous testimony, something sorely lacking in Blasey Ford’s allegations. What do you think happened? You need to come up with something, not ignore it. Second, Biden has not given any sworn testimony, but Kavanaugh did. I would like to see Biden under oath telling us his version of what happened or did not happen. I would like to see what he has to say under cross-examination. Kavanaugh was subject to very unfair cross-examination. Third, Tara Reade says she filed a compliant about harassment but Biden insists that the relevant records in the Senate and at the University of Delaware stay sealed and that no search be done. Until such a search is done, who can be confident her complaint does not exist. The whole, "we won't search cause it isn't there" line smacks of cover-up.

Why don't you step back and realize these clever hit pieces on Tara Reade have clouded your judgement? We don't know what happened. But we know it is likely something did. The whole case needs to be much more thoroughly investigated.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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