I'm not sure how you can get any other reading of Tim Wise's article: he is excusing and justifying violence. Most of the other commentators read it that way.

When he writes: "it is fascinating to hear White Americans cluck our tongues about violence. White people moralizing about the subject — when we would not be here but for looting on a grand scale ..." , do you think he is not providing justification for "looting on a grand scale" ?

When he approvingly quotes Tupac in his subtitle "

"To paraphrase Tupac, White folks love to scream peace after we start some shit" is he not disparaing those who support peace and throwing his support for those who "start some shit"?

When he comes right out and says it, "

"To now demand nonviolence in the face of police brutality and murder is an obscenity.", he is declaring his rejection of non-violence and his embrace of violence.

I am thinking you forgot to read his article. I sure did - all the way through.

I do accept your point though that I should have had references and quotes from his piece. That is a fair criticism and I will take it to heart in the future. However, I don't believe I mischaracterized his views in this case.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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