Impeachment has been harmful to the US and to the Democrat party. It set two really awful precedents for the country. The first is that it is now acceptable to use partisan impeachment as a political tool. The Framers set the bar high in order to discourage partisan use of impeachment. The Democrats threw away the bar. The second bad precedent is that it is now impeachable conduct to go to court to assert rights and immunities. Related to this is the notion that the Legislature can sidestep Judicial proceedings if they interfere with its schedule.

Impeachment was harmful to the party even if emotionally necessary for the Democrats. Democrats exposed themselves as rank hypocrites prattling on about how much they cared about the Constitution while gleefully grinning because they thought they had gotten Trump back. Please, all the sanctimony from the Democrat side was just nauseating. Even they couldn’t keep a straight face. They don’t care one bit about the Constitution. This impeachment process was a partisan political hatchet job. Does anyone know a Democrat who was actually sincere about it all? Let’s send them a boxed Pelosi impeachment signing pen with certificate of authenticity to go with their video of the Schiff parody. The truth was revealed that the party leaders are complete frauds who found a barely acceptable pretext for the impeachment they have wanted for three years. This will eat away at the soul of the party from within in a way that is much more damaging than the political and ethical calculus of Evangelicals who openly weigh the moral issues involved in supporting Trump.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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