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“Are Trump Republicans Deliberately Setting America Up For Catastrophe?” by Bernie Bleske

A more truthful point of view is that Democrats are deliberately trying to spread chaos and destroy our society so they can seize power. They are pushing excessive and unnecessary shutdowns in order to decimate the economy. They want to keep schools closed rather than figure out how to open them safely. The Democrats are spreading fear about opening our schools, but other countries such as Germany and Sweden have their schools open and recent studies in Germany say chilren don’t seem to spread the disease much. In the US, there are fewer children who have died of Covid-19 than have been killed by gang violence over the last month. The real “tell" is that Democrat leaders openly violated their own lockdown orders to participate in BLM protests. The virus doesn’t infect you if you are marching for a Leftist-approved cause. So declares the supposed party of science.

The Democrats are also unwilling to take any action to prevent rioters from rampaging and demolishing the cities they run. They push police defunding, cashless bail, and other measures sparking a huge increase in violent crime. They extol monument toppling, street murals, and lawless protest zones. They get furious when Senator Cotton or the President suggest the Federal government intervene to impose law and order. Not all Democrats are trying to overthrow our Constitutional order by deliberately stoking chaos. But this is what the Progressive Left-Fascists are attempting to do and they comprise and dominate most segments of the Democrat Party. Trump Republicans are all that really stand between us and the mob hell-bent on destroying America.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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