In what way was the election fraudulent or illegitimate? Hillary devotees have been screaming there was no election fraud and. they denounced Trump when he appointed a commission to investigate electoral fraud. There were recounts and they didn’t move the totals by any significant amount. There was no ballot box stuffing. There was no hacking of voting machines. So what kind of fraud are you talking about?

In fact Donald Trump won an electoral college victory. Maybe you are going to say an electoral college victory is illegitimate. But then how can you, in the very next sentence, appeal to the founders, the very people who designed that mechanism.

You can keep shouting “fraud” and “illegitimate”, but those are false accusations you can’t back up with any facts. You need to get over your tantrum and realize you can scream as loud as you want but no one with a functioning cerebral cortex believes Hillary really won an electoral college victory. You’ve got no evidence or plausible argument to say otherwise. You can blame it on everyone else and it still doesn’t change the way the actual votes were cast or her inadequacy in not identifying and effectively responding to each challenge.

Get it through your head: the people cast their ballots and she lost enough states to lose the election. Your insistence otherwise long after everyone else has moved on is proof you need professional help in moving to the next stage. Hopefully you will soon be able to accept the past and escape the hole you’ve dug there. Why not look to the future instead of endlessly re-litigating 2016. Maybe with a better platform, a better candidate, and a better campaign, your side might legitimately win in 2020.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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