Is It All Over for Elizabeth Warren?

Her admirers see a superbly qualified candidate derailed from the Presidential nomination by misogyny.

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Less-smitten observers see a political Lizzie Borden wielding the hatchet that felled Michael Bloomberg and left Bernie struggling to stay alive. Her lie about what Bernie said was so implausible that earnest mongering by CNN convinced almost no one.

What did hurt him much more than her allegation was her continued presence in the primaries on Super Tuesday. In Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas, Biden won, but the sum of votes for Sanders and Warren exceeded Biden’s by over 5 points.

5 Takeaways From a Super Tuesday That Changed the Democratic Race

Not to say every vote for Warren would have gone to Sanders, but her strong endorsement might have persuaded most of her supporters to go for Bernie. Instead she chose to attack him. Why? He is in her Progressive Left wing lane, and their political affinity should have precluded any such personal nasty attacks. So why did she make the improbable smear against Bernie? It is my best guess that this was her way to audition as a VP candidate for Joe Biden. What better way to prove usefulness and loyalty to Biden than to denounce his main foe. Given the involvement of CNN and other mainstream media organs in spreading her story, it is probable she was able to sell the media wing of the party on her fealty to the war against Bernie.

That’s not the end of it. Going further, she sees a Biden-Warren ticket as a plausible winner against Trump. She will play the attack dog. It is a shrewd play. She will also surely demand, if she hasn’t already done so, that Biden agree in advance to step down after two years. She is aiming to serve two terms after that, a full decade in all. She has promised the Democrat Establishment her Left Wing exercises will consist mostly of forays into identity politics. They will not oppose her like they do Sanders. But they still don’t grasp her ambition and cutthroat instincts. No, they think this poor fallen victim of misogyny cannot be a cold and calculating Game of Thrones assassin. And maybe she isn’t. Yet I think it’s way too early in the game to pronounce her political obituary.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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