Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005. After one election and a nasty civil war in 2007 that killed more than 600 Palestinians, Hamas ousted the Palestinian Authority and took control. Palestinians in Gaza have received more aid per capita for a longer duration than any other group in the world. Hamas has chosen to forego economic development and care of its own people in favor of smuggling and stockpiling weapons. It has repeatedly violated international law by launching attacks from schools. It has stolen humanitarian charity to build military tunnels to attack Israel. Hamas has let most of the infrastructure deteriorate and has refused to pay the PA for electricity. There is a crisis in Gaza, but none of it can be blamed on Israel. When Israel left Gaza, there was hope Gaza would thrive and establish a model of peace and prosperity in partnership with Israel. Unfortunately, Gaza has been ruled by rejectionists for over a decade, by violent fundamentalists whose very charter declares peace is not possible and which rejects all compromises. It has started several ruinous wars that have left its people worse off. Gaza has prisoners held by Hamas, not Israel. Gaza is not an open air concentration camp, but it is partly a s***hole. It has been made that way by the leaders of Hamas who have ruled there the last decade and have squandered or stolen a fortune in aid.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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