It appears you agree with my main point: the US is not a failed-state.

You make several points to the effect that America is not a utopia to which I basically agree. I made pretty much the same general point in the paragraph I wrote about slums and crime and crumbling infrastructure. Granting that America is not perfect doesn’t mean it’s a failed state. That’s the point I was trying get across. I think we’re not that far apart on that central thesis.

We may have some disagreement on your objection to my point that people in other parts of the world want to immigrate to the US. Ok I made that point with a lot of hyperbole about people lining up and crawling under fences to get in. To be more precise, there are a large number of people (over 4 million) on waiting lists to legally immigrate and millions who immigrate illegally. Hopefully most people would want to stay in their own countries and not immigrate anywhere else. It is notable how long the line is to get into the US.

I’ll concede there may be some hubris in saying lots of people want to come to the US. That doesn’t mean it’s not true or that there may also be lots of people who don’t want to come.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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