It is a tough battle, but it is not No-Win. One reason many people like Trump is his willingness to unapologetically oppose Political Correctness. Who else had stood up against the advance of Diversity dogma? You believe Trump discredits opposition to that ideology, but without his opposition it is arguable it would have advanced even further than it has. My biggest complaint against Trump is that he took too long in identifying and pushing back against Critical Race Theory programs. He should have taken action on that Day One.

Americans of all races and classes are disgusted and afraid of the power of BLM and the Diversity movement. It is force-feeding hateful racist propaganda to our people. They feel angry and yet powerless to stop it. It is not just mobs in the streets. It is in government seminars and corporate retreats. It is in sports and entertainment. It is embedding anti-American race-baiting and cancel culture coercion in every institution. It is pushing us to a Civil War and has pretty much been advancing unopposed.

In that context you may be underestimating the value of Trump’s actions. He has attacked Critical Race Theory, while showcasing strong personal endorsements from some Black Americans and making a strong pitch for the support of Black Americans in the election. If he wins, he will have a mandate to purge Critical Theory functionaries from government. When he denies them funding, you may be amazed to see how quickly the propaganda and agitation slows to a trickle. We need to stop financing the agents of our destruction. Further, Trump’s actions help make opposition to the Diversity bureaucracy a critical part of the Populist policy agenda. His actions are a necessary first step in clarifying how to roll back a movement that has spent years embedding itself in our society. Ultimately, people need to feel empowered to refuse to bow to the political commissars of Critical Race Theory. They need to feel confident enough to launch counteroffensives leading to the complete purge of Diversity bureaucrats. The goal is to eradicate the infrastructure that supports Critical Race ideology, to pull it out root and branch. You want someone else to lead the charge. Who? Until you can identify a prominent leader with the courage and nerve to take on the Critical Race movement, it is important that all opponents of that pernicious ideology at least applaud Trump’s action to stem its advance.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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